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Fix slow running computer – you can use your computer is slow now

Posted by admin on Jul 8, 2011 in check pc tips

For many people, a slow computer is a real source of frustration. Sometimes, the team at critical moments, like when you just write a report without freezing to save regularly. However, some of the most common reasons for freezing have been identified. This article guides you through the reasons and how they run slowly in a solution with computer deal.   
Reason # 1 – Random Access Memory or RAM is where the operating system saved time work during the editing. If too many applications are running at the same time, may not be enough RAM to store all data. This is one of the main reasons for slow PC.   
Although the lack of memory is a thing of the past seems to consume a large amount of operating system RAM. Just Windows Vista requires 1 GB of RAM, which is the normal amount of memory available on many computers.   
Reason 2 Spyware and adware are malicious code that can make really complicate your life. It’s tracking your online activities and may even try to save your login information and financial data. They also consume many resources. Therefore, we recommend you protect a scanner and a registry tool to be to optimize your PC to speed up a slow computer is running.   
Reason # 3 The virus is another factor that may make your computer very slowly, if it exists. Today anti-virus software can protect against many threats, if updated regularly. However, some viruses can pass through. Therefore, it is always advisable not to open to e-mails and attachments from unknown senders.   
Reason No. 4 times the number of installed programs need to be too much for the team. Some programs will launch the start of which can significantly increase your startup time. It is recommended that you regularly about the installed programs and remove unwanted applications. Reason # 5 The registry is where the operating system saves the application settings and user settings. Over time, the registry may be damaged by improper disposal of data applications and the build-up. damaged materials are another cause of slow computers. To remedy this, the best option to a registry key, and a scanner to corrupt registry entries and optimize your computer allows you to remove the insert. The above problems can be jointly processed by the software. just follow the instructions above and improvement of the efficiency of the machine and let your computer is running slow slow computer with a solution.  

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